Aprende A Cantar Tango

Event Description:

Secretos del Tango is a seminar dedicated to providing tools for the interpretation of sung tango. It proposes exploration of main characteristics of the genre, experimentation on particularity of its rhythm, analysis of its letters and historical-social context.

Who can participate? Amateur or professional singers, participanting actively or as listeners. Maximum capacity: 15 assistants (actives).

Content includes technical and interpretative aspects, pulse, accent, rhythm, body experimentation, introduction to lyrics themes, protagonists and special characteristics of Tango, lunfardo, introduction to interpretation of tango, myths, common places and stereotypes of Tango.

Class scheme is structured in a 2-day course with modules of 3 hours and 5 hours. It starts on March 21, at Fantasía de Tango Costa Rica headquarters.

For information and registration, call +506 83142656, [email protected] or visit links attached. Click on the tickets button so you can see investment details!

Video: “Yo soy María”. Marianela Villalobos & Nicolás Guerschberg.
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