El Maravilloso Ramayana

Event Description:

On Friday, October 12 from 7:00 pm in Selene the Story House, we invite you to attend and enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the history of the Ramayana, the life of Rama and Sita, and their adventures and fights against the demon of 10 heads, Ravana, with the help of the faithful and devoted servant Hanuman. Through narration, devotional songs and images.

Who is Rama? Santo Tulsidas describes him as very dark skin, with the color of the universe. His mother says that he is beyond all attributes, more there is knowledge, and measure. Tulsidasa mentions that “The elegance of its form is such that even a great text like the Vedas and the great serpent Sesha can not describe it – only those who have seen it in dreams know it”.

The cost of the entrance includes a drink from India. Click on the ticket button and you can see the cost of the tickets!

If you wish to obtain more information and to reserve please call the following number: 8333-7002.

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