Función de “Si vos no hubieras nacido”

Event Description:

After 7 years of work and hundreds of performances in El Salvador, Guatemala and Spain, La Cachada Teatro arrive to Costa Rica with its second original play “Si vos no hubieras nacido”. The play will be presented in October 11th at 8:00 p.m. in the Teatro de la Danza (CENAC). This is a over 12 years play.


Synopsis: “Si vos no hubieras nacido” is part of our origins, since we were in the womb, listening to screams, cries and street sales and buses. It tells our sexuality, the way our mothers taught us and our grandmothers to them. We speak with our sons and daughters and we see us reflected in our mothers repeting the same violence patterns against them. This is everyday in El Salvador.

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