Grabación DVD en directo – Cuerda Floja

Event Description:

It has been 5 years of great stories to tell and remember, and this will be one of the biggest you will have to celebrate this time, together. Don’t miss Cuerda Floja and its “Live DVD Recording”, next February 22, at 9:00 p.m., in La Cantina SCCA.

Its first live DVD, with all its essence, all its follies and an exclusive preview of the new album.

Cuerda Floja is a Costa Rican rock band founded in 2014, with hints of heavy fusion, alternative rock, latin rock, flamenco and latin rhythms. Among its members are:
Voz / G. Acoustics: Gerardo Bermúdez
G. Electric: Tony Solano
G. Electric: Nando Bermúdez
Bass: José Ureña
Drums: Luis Blanco

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Video: Cuerda Floja Cr - Cuerda Floja (Official Video)
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