Hablemos de Duelo. Abordaje para NIños, Adolescentes y Adultos

Event Description:

On Saturday, October 13 from 1:00 pm in BATSÚ Integral Center of Psychology and Psychopedagogy we will be conducting the Workshop “Let’s Talk about Grief, Approach for Children, Adolescents and Adults” It is aimed at: professionals and advanced students in: Psychology, Psychopedagogy, Teaching, Language Therapist, Orientation, Social Workers and Careers related …

CONTENTS: What is the Duel ?, Stages of the Duel, Types of Duel, Explain the Death to each Stage, Accompaniment during the Duel and among others.

Materials to be delivered: Cd (complete presentation, books and articles related to the theme, stories …)
Digital and printed instruments, support materials (notebook, pen, pencil, eraser, etc …), Certificate of Participation and Coffe Break.

Investment cost is: ₡ 35,000
For registrations: 2250-3959 / 8861-3849

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