Homenaje a Amy Winehouse

Event Description:

On Friday, March 22, comes to Jazz Café San Pedro from 8:00 pm to pay tribute to Amy Winehouse. Enjoys her greatest hits in relaxed atmosphere offered by the bar, restaurant and Gallery: Jazz Café San Pedro, along side a band of experienced musicians, such as Joselyn Vargas Ramírez (lead vocalist), Adrián Navarro (drums), Maurix Muñoz (bass), Felipe Damazzio (keyboard), Yeu Chávez (guitar), as well as Priscilla Ruiz and Sax Óscar Azofeifa (chorus).

Amy Jade Winehouse was an English singer-songwriter who, even today, has established as one of the most talented in jazz world. She is remembered for wonderful genre fusions achieved in her songs. Styles such as Soul, R&B and even Ska were present in themes interpreted by this distinguished artist.

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Video: Amy Winehouse - Back To Black
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