Krinégrafo presenta: cine erótico “Corazón salvaje”

Event Description:

Krinégrafo: Cine y Crítica is a film critics collective, founded by Costa Ricans for promoting cinema, through efficient and ethically responsible criticism. On this occasion, uses the legendary Sala Garbo to present an erotic film cycle every Sunday of February: think of romanticism in a more daring way, far from the cloying and with a large dose of eroticism.

So, this Sunday, February 24 from 3:00 p.m., you will have the opportunity to enjoy the violent “Wild Heart” [+18] directed by David Lynch (USA) in 1990. During a prison permit, Sailor (Nicolas Cage) goes to see his girlfriend Lula (Laura Dern) and both decide to flee to California. Mother of the girl (Diane Ladd), who opposes this relationship, reach to a mobster (Willen Dafoe) to eliminate Sailor. Actually, she wants to get rid of him because the young man witnessed how she and her lover murdered her husband. The escape of Sailor and Lula is accompanied by shady events and sordid memories.

Director David Lynch, born in Montana, USA (1946), began an enormous commercial and criticism success with strange films and unique sensibility. With the film we will project, he won the highest prize at Cannes Film Festival. In short, is a filmmaker who continually challenges conventions of cinema. Innovative and with beautifully confusing films, it resonates emotionally and instinctively in spectator.

Cinema Forum will be in charge of Alonso Aguilar.

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Video: "Corazon Salvaje" (Wild at Heart) -Trailer (VO)
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