LaCalaca presenta: Crítica a la Razón Bailable

Event Description:

Thursday, March 21, at 9:00 p.m. at Jazz Cafe Bar San Pedro, we invite you to attend “LaCalaca presents: Critique of Danceable Reason”. It’s the first album of La Quinta de la Calaca where a meticulous thought about life, art and nature is expressed.

La Quinta de la Calaca is a wide musical band made up of 10 talented artists, including guitarists, pianists, trumpeters, percussionists and even congas and saxophone are inserted in the fusion of Latin and contemporary rhythms that includes La Calaca musical proposal. Thus, through a musical fusion of tropical rhythms that promote a new sound and a new scene, you can enjoy an original contemporary Latin mix.

In addition, event will feature presentation of opening act Issac Vargas and Plastic Tree.

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Video: La Quinta de la Calaca - Boitatá (En Vivo desde El Mestizo CR)
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