Leirundé a diez actos

Event Description:

On Friday, March 22 from 9:00 p.m. at Amon Solar / El Sótano, we invite you to attend “Leirundé a ten actos”, in which Fabrizio Walker will be presenting his second solo material, “Leirundé”, together with singers like Andrés Muratore from Argentina, Ceshia Ubau from Nicaragua and Amanda Rodríguez from Costa Rica.

Fabrizio Walker is an interpreter and composer who has participated with the Orquesta Filarmónica de Costa Rica in the “Tribute to the Beatles” with which he recorded an album in 2012, he has recorded a LP prior to the one he is presenting in this ocation, as well as 3 EPs and has won two Acam awards. In addition, has made two collaborations: one on “Con mi Sombra” from album Maf É Tulá live and another on “Go beyond” from iO band.

Recording of “Leirundé” was made thanks to project “La Movida Caníbal” from Cultural Center of Spain in Costa Rica, produced by Fo León and recorded by Daniel Ortuño in Casa Caníbal studio, around last November.

Click on tickets button for details on entrance fee! For information and reservations you can contact 2221 2302 or visit links attached.

Video: Fabrizio Walker - Enrique
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