Manejo Integral. Creciendo con Inteligencia Emocional

Event Description:

On Saturday, December 8 from 1:00 pm in BATSÚ. Integral Center of Psychology and Psychopedagogy will be carrying out the workshop “Integral Management, Growing with Emotional Intelligence” which will be directed to professionals and advanced students: Psychology, Psychopedagogy, Teaching, Language Therapy, Orientation, Social Work and related Careers.

Will be taught by Master. Jennifer Rodríguez Rodríguez Clinical Psychologist – Artetherapist – Psychopedagogue – Floral Therapist – Montessori Guide – Brain Gym Trainer (Brain Gym) – International Classification in Positive Discipline for Families and in the Classroom. Director and Founder of the Batsú Integral Center.

CONTENTS: Emotional Intelligence: Definition, Main components, Motivation, Empathy,
Social Skills, Emotional Intelligence: Main feelings and among others.

Investment cost is: ₡ 35,000
MATERIALS TO BE DELIVERED: Workshop + Materials, CD (Complete presentation, articles, stories, exercises, videos, etc …), Support Material (notebook, pen, pencil …), Certificate of Participation and Coffe Break.

For more information and registration: 2250-3959 / 8861-3849. LIMITED AVAILABILITY!!

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