Obra de Teatro “Prohibido suicidarse en Primavera”

Event Description:

On Saturday, October 13 from 6:00 P.M. The Cartaginesa Culture Center is pleased to invite you to enjoy with family the interesting and magnificent work “Prohibido suicidarse en Primavera” written by Alejandro Casona and directed by: Maria Jiménez.

Synopsis: The action takes place in “The Home of the Suicide” Sanatorium of souls created by Dr. Ariel who descends from a family in which men committed suicide in the prime of their lives, when they began to lose their youth, the Doctor grew obsessed for this fact and dedicate his life to investigate the suicides (discovering some curious facts as that the victors kill more than the unsuccessful, the young more than the old ones, the suicides occur more at dawn than at night and in the spring more than in the winter) and retreating to a place in the mountains as he approaches the age at which his relatives had committed suicide, where he dies of noble and serene death at the age of seventy.

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