Paloma San Basilio: Más Cerca

Event Description:

The famous Spanish singer Paloma San Basilio returns to the country on February 16 at 8:00 at night, to the Melico Salazar Popular Theater, to share with her audience “Más cerca”. About this new production the artist tells us: “Nearer” is the desire to share with my audience the transformation that these more than 40 years of profession have meant in my life. It will be from the perspective of the intimate, calm and sincere meeting of those who, like me, have had the privilege of always having the affection and complicity of the people. The music and the word go hand in hand so you know how I am, how I feel in this fascinating stage of life and how many things we can have in common when the shine gives way to closeness and excess to emotion … “.

Paloma San Basilio, singer and actress of special characteristics and with an elegant and well defined personality, who made her a diva of international music is also one of the most popular and prestigious interpreters in the field of romantic melodic song in Spanish . The vocal power of Paloma San Basilio, and its precision and sharpness in phrasing, as well as its elegance and sympathy, are its most remarkable characteristics.

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Video: Paloma San Basilio - Luna de Miel (en directo)
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