Plancha para (des)enamorados con Xiomara Ramirez

Event Description:

On Saturday, February 16 at La Puerta de Alcalá from 9:00 P.M. Come to fully enjoy a great special and romantic night, properly evoked with the inspiring presentation of the talented Xiomara Ramirez who will delight you with her beautiful voice and her best sets. Not only will it delight your stay, but it will also inspire all those who share the same musical taste.

Xiomara María Ramírez Coto is a Costa Rican singer born on January 27, 1991, who discovered her passion for music at age 6 in different competitions and festivals in her school and college. She is the youngest of 7 brothers and enjoys a family of musicians like her father Víctor Ramírez and her Uncle Gerardo Ramírez. For many years, he was a member of his family’s choir, made up of his father and sisters.

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