Preparaciones caseras y desintoxicación

Event Description:

“Homemade preparations and detoxification” a workshop where you will learn the different ways of administering medicinal plants, infusions, macerations, cooking oceans and more, you will also have the necessary knowledge to conserve a plant from its collection until its preparation. Taught by the Physiotherapist and Surgical Assistant Osiris Chavez with 8 years of experience, Founder of Applied Phytotherapy.

From this knowledge you will have at your hand the necessary techniques to perform a total detoxification of your body, all in a 100% natural way. The appointment is Sunday, December 9, at 9:00 a.m. in San José Indoor Club.

At the end you take home each finished product with its container for personal use. The course includes:
– Coffee break
– All the ingredients and containers to make your products during practice.
– Treatment for the digestive system.
– Treatment for colon cleansing.
– Complete course manual.
– Certificate.

For information, whatsapp: +506 86866671 or visit the links.

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