Top Rankin

Event Description:

On December 20, in The Living Room, do not miss “Top Rankin”, a concept that fuses the UK Soundsystem format, the live mix of studio sessions and the generic DJ mix format. That night is the release of Marcelo El Indio’s first album, Music For The People.

The UK Soundsystem format is characterized by focusing on the selection of vocal cuts and then playing their dub versions. The MCs rhyme and improvise on these instrumental versions.

Deepahtone Sound has been a pioneer of the reggae scene in Costa Rica for 20 years. Selecta Stika was the first DJ to adopt the term select in the country and have a set dedicated exclusively to all aspects of reggae. Today Stika lives in Lisbon, Portugal and visits us with Top Rankin.

Deepahtone was founded in Costa Rica by José Dahmen, (also known as Stika aka Ch’ul Pakal), in the 90s as a Reggae Sound, and over the years it became a production project. Committed to a single musical genre, and willing to diversify as much as possible, the music produced by deepahtone varies from one side of the musical spectrum to the other.

More information at 2201-8517 • 7013-7371 • 7066-8563 • 8827-8637 or in the links attached.

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Video: Marcelo El Indio - Cocoman Style (Kul Pakal Remix)
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