Viernes cinéfilos: François Ozon, 8 femmes

Event Description:

On Friday, December 7, at 6:00 p.m. in the French Alliance of Costa Rica. The film “8 femmes (8 women) 2002” by director François Ozon will be screened. The film will be explored in the film part of the French director’s filmography as usual in the director’s cinema, this film has a very inventive treatment of desire in its protagonists. Ozon, in his versatility as a director takes resources from different film genres such as thriller, romantic drama, surrealism and even the musical, to create suggestive and powerful works.

Synopsis: Fifties. In a large bourgeois mansion in the countryside, where preparations are being made to celebrate Christmas, a drama occurs: the owner of the house is murdered, evidently, the culprit must be one of the eight women who are in the house . France. 103 min. Subtitled

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Video: 8 Women Trailer
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