Vulvasturbaciones: Taller De Erotismo Y Placer Feminista

Event Description:

Vulvasturbaciones is a Giral Sol space born from need to talk about eroticism, pleasure and masturbation between women, non-binary people and bodies with vulva.

What is Giral Sol? A feminist school for self-knowledge of women, feminine and feminized bodies from art, the playful and empathic pedagogies. In this way, Vulvasturbaciones is affects, powers and questions.

During workshop, we talked about self-managed orgasms.
What do I know about female masturbation?
What do we know about our bodies?
What is pleasure and eroticism?
What is female ejaculation? How to get there?
What do we know about clitoris?
Places few acquaintances of pleasure in our bodies?
What does Western science say?
What criticalities can we construct in face of Western science? Alternatives?
How to recover our bodies and pleasures?
In what spaces and times are we most comfortable to open ourselves to self-knowledge?

If you wish to register, have questions or questions, write to 63 94 53 22 or visit links attached for more information.

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