Event Description:

Antichrist Demoncore, better known as ACxDC, is an American band of harcordcore / powerviolence that was founded in 2003 while its members were in high school. With ultra-fast tempos, raw and dirty transitions, its philosophy goes from Satanism to vegetarianism. A strange mix and sound that undoubtedly has to be seen live in its great tour trought Latin America “Powerviolence Grind Core” and on Wednesday June 19 you can be part of such a gig as they appear in Costa Rica, in Amon Solar.

Invited local bands will also attend the event:
– Liberosis, punk, death metal, fastcore, grindcore, hardcore and power violence quartet, which is promoting its newly released album “Desrealización”.
– Sigo Aquí, hardcore punk band, which has the album “Nadie Apagará” from 2017.
– Moler, grouping of grind core latino and power violence, whose last record production, “Puta Humanidad”, dates from 2018.
– Pesadez, d-beat raw punk band.

There will be sale of merchandise. Minors are not allowed. More information in attached links. Click on tickets button for details on entrance fee!

Video: ACxDC - Antichrist Demoncore LP [2014]
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