Andrés López – Tour 2019

Event Description:

Andrés López, the Colombian comedian and one of the most important stand up comedy exponents in Latin America, will perform at Teatro Melico Salazar, with three of his most representative shows:

– La Pelota de Letras Renovada: A subtle sociological analysis of life in Latin America, from 1960s to the present.

– El Camino a la Felicidad: Monologue based on the homonym book, impregnated with his traditional comic style, in which covers the 21 basic principles that this book proposes to achieve a better quality of life, creating a fun environment and full of smiles.

– Llegar A Marte: A romantic and scientific comedy, an adventure towards the future, in which you will be part of the crew. Spatial and affective exploration that we all want to do, will be shown in a scenario that, as well as launching a rocket that travels to space, different stages are required, in love it’s similar. To inhabit another planet you need to cultivate it, to love you must cultivate it.

From the most daring adventures of humanity, is to reach Mars and the most difficult is to love you, that’s why this comedy fuses science with love, and manages to bring the audience to a meeting with video games, kisses, animals and the whole mission that must be done to arrive to Mars (spanish words game).

Invitation is for Wednesday 13, Thursday 14 and Friday 15 June, at 8:00 pm. More information in links attached. Click on tickets button for details on entrance fee!

Video: DVD La Pelota de Letras completa en DVD, download. Andrés López comediante
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