Bailemos New Wave

Event Description:

On Friday, January 31, at 9:00 pm at The Sub – Small Underground Bar we invite you to attend “Let’s Dance New Wave”.

A party concept where guest DJs offer a select range of mixes with great classics and rarities, in extended versions of the New Wave music genre.

Take your best new wave gala and dance to the mix of DJ Douglas Vega, DJ Lawrence Casal and DJ Vladimir Duran

Devo, Eurythmics, Cetu Javu, Yazoo, The Human League, Duran Dura, Pet Shop Boys, Visage, The Cure and many more, are just some examples of the music that will sound tonight in which mixes and flamboyant dance will predominate.

Click on the tickets button for details about entrance fee! For more information, visit the attached links.

Video: Lawrence Casal @ Stereo Sushi Costa Rica (2018)
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