Charla: Vida y Respiración Consciente

  • Date: Saturday November 17, 2018
  • Time: 1:00 pm
  • Venue:
  • Address: Calle 69, entre Avenida 10 y transveral 69B, San Pedro
    Montes de Oca, San José
  • Categories: Education (Workshops and Courses) - Sports & Wellness

Event Description:

Within the framework of the Festival Gardenia, officially inaugurating The Magic Garden, School of Aromatherapy, offers the talk “Life and Conscious Breathing”, taught by Eva Menéndez. This valuable information that she shares with us is about the main tools that we can apply everyday, to be able to lead our life in a more harmonious way and in deep connection with our soul and our feelings.

In addition to the spiritual gains, when this is done, many physical benefits are obtained, among which are:

* Better management of stress and anxiety.
* Eliminates toxins.
* Decrease in the sensation of pain.
* Help improve posture.
* Stimulates the lymphatic system.
* Improves cardiovascular health and digestion.

Encourage yourself to try these techniques to block negative thoughts and move on, you will see that they work very well.

The general entry is through a voluntary contribution.

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