Chivo de Despedida & Fiesta! Fuerza Dread + Amigos

Event Description:

On Friday, August 23 at 9:30 pm in the Amon Solar / El Sótano. We invite you to this “Farewell Goat & Party! Force Dread + Friends”. Vernny Argüello guitarist of the band got the great opportunity to go to get a post-graduate degree in Spain and with a lot of effort he did it, so what better way to celebrate than with a pretty party full of rhythm and incredible musicians who come together to wish him the best of travel.

All that was collected will be to help you finance your trip and to continue making music again.

Guest bands and musicians:
. Dread Force (OFFICIAL)
. Miguel Solari
. Nelly x Arend
. Half Tangerine
. Doppler flower
. Andres Cordero
. Maddie Serrano
. Felipe Sáenz
. Pablo Campos
. Randall Camilo Goelzer
. Sofi Muñoz Rooms
. AnaMaria Aguilar
. Daniela Garcia
. Nelly Juarez Villegas
. Arend Vg

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Video: Fuerza Dread - Nómadas | Sofar Costa Rica
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