Ciao Viboras. Despedida Crveles EuroTour

Event Description:

The Basement invites you on Friday, April 26 to clear your mind with a good dose of music, where you can enjoy excellent presentations on the occasion of the “Farewell Crveles”, who will soon begin their tour of Europe. The national group will be on stage offering an unprecedented touch, full of Svrf / Garage / Black Metal.

This is a super special occasion and that’s why you will have luxury guests like: Los Cuchillos (Rocanrol, Garage & Surf Rock) and Dystt (Postpunk), you will not only fill your senses with good music, but you will be giving your support to the national talent, since the funds raised will be used to finance the tour.

For more information, reservations and list you must contact +506 2221 2302 or visit the links attached.

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Video: Los Crveles - "Los Crveles" Hero Records
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