Ciclo de Cine Presenta: Baraka

Event Description:

On Friday, December 13 from 6:00 pm at the Center for Quaker Friends for Peace, the “Film Series Presents: Baraka” will take place.

Baraka is an acclaimed documentary about the nature of planet Earth. Filmed in 24 different countries, it tries to capture the essence of the nature and culture of humanity and its customs, while pointing out the ways in which the human being relates to his environment. The apparent fragility of human life is contrasted with the greatness of his works, underlining the unequal relationship between man and nature. Baraka has no linear argument, no characters, no dialogues … but, in the midst of these enormous contrasts, the spirituality of humanity emerges as the most important element that distinguishes it from other species. A world beyond words.

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Video: Baraka 1992 trailer HQ
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