Ciclo de Cine presenta: La Toma

Event Description:

On Friday, April 26 from 6:00 p.m. at Centro de los Amigos Cuáqueros para la Paz, we invite you to attend this “Film Series presents: The Take”.

“The Take” is an 87-minute anti-globalization documentary written by Naomi Klein, author of best-selling book “No Logo: The Power of Brands”, which has also been directed by controversial journalist Avi Lewis, in which participate public figures from contemporary scene, such as Bill Clinton, Gustavo Cordera, Freddy Espinoza, Nestor Kirchner, Carlos Menem, Lalo Paret, Juan Domingo Peron, Anoop Singh and Luis Zanon, among several others.

What is “The Take” about? During 2001, Argentina was immersed in one of the most important economic crisis of recent times. Middle class, the most prosperous in Latin America, woke up in a phantasmagorical Buenos Aires, with abandoned factories and a spectacular number of unemployed. In the suburbs of the capital, thirty unemployed workers decide to take the factory where they worked and refuse to leave.

For more information, you can contact 2222-1400 or visit links attached.

Video: The Take - Tráiler español
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