Cine al aire libre: Naranja Mecánica

Event Description:

You will be able to attend with your friends on Thursday, November 8, starting at 07:00 P.M. At 50mm GastroPub & Café Yoses, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best company of a wonderful movie: “Orange Mechanical”.

Synopsis: In a futuristic London Alex DeLarge (Malcolm McDowell, ‘Heroes’, ‘The Artist’), a young eccentric lover of Beethoven and the good wiggles, is the leader of a macabre youth band formed in the most decadent part of the metropolis of Hortaleza: The droogs. His followers are Pete, Georgie and Dim and together with their leader carry out ultra violent situations dressed in a characteristic dress. His only amusement consists of extreme violence: hitting, stealing and raping good cheries for no reason.

‘The mechanical orange’ tells the drastic evolution of the young and well-endowed Alex, from his beginnings in which his life was focused on the violence and tragedy of others, to become a civilized citizen with no desire to fornicate, submitting to treatment Ludovico A harsh psychological method with side effects that will try to permanently eliminate their inappropriate behavior. It consists in linking hard images from zoophilia to the great wars.

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