Event Description:

On Saturday, February 1, at 6:00 pm at the El Lobo Estepario Bar, Restaurant and Cafeteria, Secular Humanism invites you to learn about the tragic story of Hipatia De Alejandría in this “Cinephorus” with Alejandro’s movie “Ágora” Amenábar

In the plot of the film, a woman loses her life trying to preserve knowledge and reasoning in an empire in decline, where the obscurantism of religious fanaticism and the law of the strongest is imposed.

We will have panelists B. Sc. Victor Monge (Professor of Science) and B. Sc. Estefanía Díaz (Psychologist).

For more information, you can call 6036-7353 or visit the links attached.

Video: Ágora - Trailer
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