Circulo de mujeres Semilla Creadora

Event Description:

Casa Havasanda, invites all these great women to “Circle of Creative Seed Women”, where the intention to be part of this activity, will be to find internal and universal peace through the “Chakra Dance & Dances of Universal Peace”. Integrating purposes and healing through movement. Dynamizing and harmonizing their centers of power and thus awakening the deep consciousness.

To participate it is not necessary to have previous experience in Circles. Open to all women of all ages. To take: comfortable clothes, water and optional a notebook.

The appointment is for the day, Friday, October 11 from 07:30 pm at the Carthaginian Culture Center. For more information visit the attached links.

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What is the Circle of Women Creative Seed?

It is an experience where women meet with INTENTION, in confidence and sonority, to recognize each other, honor their gifts and learn from their shadows. The atmosphere is ceremonial, ritual, creative, dynamic and diverse. They always enjoy it and all are equal and important.

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