Club de lectura de autores francófonos

Event Description:

On Wednesday, August 14, at 6:00 pm in the French Bookstore, we invite you to attend this “Francophone Author Reading Club”.

In the month of August he will talk about A year (An an), by Jean Echenoz, in which one morning Victoire discovers his friend Felix dead, in bed, next to him. He does not remember what happened and decides to leave Paris. On his trip he is robbed, runs out of money, must leave the hotel and begins a slow descent into extreme poverty. From adventure to adventure, turned into a beggar, a thief, walks almost randomly until you get lost in a world that is not yours.

Books available, both in French and Spanish, at the French Bookstore. The activity is carried out in Spanish. The Club is held every second Wednesday of each month. In each session you will get to talk about a previously read book.

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