Concierto con Daniel Cros y Esteban Monge

Event Description:

On Friday, November 8 at 7:00 pm at the Cultural Center of Spain in Costa Rica – El Farolito. The “Concert with Daniel Cros and Esteban Monge” will be held. Recognized as “one of the most original singer-songwriters of recent times,” the Barcelona singer and composer visits the country for the first time, to present the songs of his new album, “Sed de Viaje”, invited by his counterpart “Esteban Monge” , host artist.

“Daniel Cros”: Born into a family of artists (mother painter, father photographer), he studied Geography and History and graduated from the University of Barcelona. He then studied music in Barcelona, ​​Havana and the United States. Daniel Cros has collaborated with musicians of different genres and countries.

“Esteban Monge”: Just returned from Barcelona, ​​where he has finished the Master in Cultural Management of the International University of Catalonia (UIC). He has performed in different stages of the country, as well as in Spain, France, Norway, Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Panama, sharing the stage with artists of international stature.

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Video: Daniel Cros - Andar (videoclip)
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