Constelaciones Familiares

Event Description:

Family Constellations are a systemic method, developed by the theologian, pedagogue and philosopher Bert Hellinger, focused on offering solutions to individuals, based on the rearrangement of roles within their family system.

When we participate in this group dynamic, it begins a path of awareness, of understanding and an immediate awakening, not only for the participant but for his entire family tree. It is a wonderful gift that we should all experience. Hundreds of people have experienced great changes in their way of relating.

The facilitators for this session will be:
– Manuel: communicator, practices the discipline of transcendental meditation together with Sudarshan Kriya. He has knowledge of Reiki and the study of Systemic Therapy through Family and Organizational Constellations, including training in Ontological Coaching
– Paola: initiated in advanced energy techniques, she is a Latin American Floral Therapist. Start working with women’s circles as an active guide. In 2016 he began training as a Relational Ontological Coach. This year Paola is part of the IOCTI 2017 organizing team

The appointment is for Saturday, August 24, at 6:00 pm, at Dharma Health. They can come alone or with a family member. To reserve space, call 7272-7810. More information in the attached links.

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