Conversatorio y concierto de la residencia musical

Event Description:

On Tuesday, December 10, at 6:00 pm at the Cultural Center of Spain in Costa Rica – El Farolito., We invite you to attend this “Conversation and concert of the musical residence”, sound results of the artistic residence about urban sound landscape.

In this residence the urban sound landscape was approached incorporating a more open posture regarding the sounds of the city, and taking advantage of the richness of the sounds of these environments, in order to establish strategies that help to a better perception, recognition and appropriation of the Public space within the city.

In the workshop, participants were given tools for exploring an auditory awareness of sound environments in the city, allowing them to understand the listening of public space as a creative tool for the construction of sound works. In this concert, the sound works produced from the results of the participants of the residence will be presented.

In addition, Carlos Segura (Editor in Chief for Operations) and Otto Castro (resident sound artist) will present in the discussion, the publication of The Detail around the residence Exploring the Sound Landscape of San José.

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