Costa Rica Taps!

Event Description:

The show “Costa Rica Taps!” Is a Tap and Jazz show and the main star will be the renowned dancer and singer Ted Louis Levy, winner of a Chicago Emmy Award and three nominations to a Tony Award, accompanied by a jazz ensemble national and Costa Rican tap dancers.

Ted Louis Levy is also a writer, actor, choreographer and director. He has participated in 4 Broadway musicals. The Tap is a treasure of the African-American culture with more than two hundred years of antiquity; and one of the most significant contributions to the art of dance that North American has given to the whole world.

The appointment for this show is Saturday, June 22, at 7:00 pm, at the Eugene O’Neill Theater.
More information at 2207-7561 or 8455-6666 (WhatsApp). Visit the links attached.

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Video: Tap dance Van Porter and Ted Levy
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