Curso: Historia + Cata de Cerveza

Event Description:

Mackavela Beer Academy and Papa Beer House Liquors extend the invitation to “Course: History + Beer Tasting”, so that you can learn on the site with more variety in beers in the country.

This course consists of two parts:
1. We will go through history of beer and curious facts from 6,000 a.C. to the date.
2. Helped by different beer samples, prepared and selected for purpose of learning, we will perform sensory exercises that cover all aspects of color, aroma, taste and different sensations that we might encounter when tasting any style of beer as an expert. Includes five types of beer.

Workshop will be taught at Papá Licores (Curridabat) on Sunday, April 21, at 2:00 p.m. Reserve your spot (limited) at 7035-4989. More information in links attached.

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