Desde España: Alberto Tarín junto a Social Club

Event Description:

Alberto Tarín, the great Spanish guitarist, presents in a SKA and Reggae show with Social Club that can not be missed, next Saturday, May 18, at Amon Solar. They will be playing songs from their album “El Camino del Ritmo”, themes from Social Club, NYSJE, and hits from Ska, Reggae and Jazz.

Social Club is a group that mixes the genre Ska and Reggae to finally introduce the nuances of jazz. Social Club is an instrumental proposal that invites the public to dance and express their emotions before contagious and emotional rhythms.

Alberto Tarín, guitarist, composer and vocalist from Valencia, Spain, emerges with this orchestra, which invites movement and active listening, music to heal the soul with the Afro American genre, Latin music, Reggae, Ska, Soul, Blues, Latin funk, MPB.

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Video: ALBERTO TARIN & ORCHESTRA (feat. Dave Barker) - If I Could Rule the World
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