Diplomado en Ayurveda

Event Description:

On Saturday, March 21 10:00 am at Dharma Health and Wellness. We invite you to attend this “Diploma in Ayurveda”. Ayurveda is the name of traditional Indian medicine. Its common objective is the unification of body-mind and spirit, proclaiming that illness and health are the result of the confluence of three main aspects of existence or doshas.

Time: 6 months, two Saturdays per month

• Introduction / Ayurveda History
• Basic Principles of Doshas / Body Constitutions
• Doshas (Vata, Pita and Kapa) and Sub Doshas
• Ayurvedic Physiology and Anatomy
• Ayurvedic Constitution
• Seven body tissues (dhatus)
• Ayurvedic Pathology and Diagnosis
• Diagnostic Techniques
• Seven flavors (rasas)
• Stations according to doshas

Includes: Manual, materials, Certificate of participation at the End of the Course

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For information and reservations you can contact: 7272-7810

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