Diplomado en Terapia Floral

Event Description:

On Saturday, July 20 at 9:00 a.m. in Dharma Health and Wellness. We invite you to be part of this wonderful experience, which is the “Diploma in Floral Therapy” where you will acquire the necessary knowledge to understand the origin of floral therapy, the historical context in which it was born and the main writings of Dr. Edward Bach.

The philosophical bases of floral therapy and the 38 flower essences are studied, divided in 7 emotional groups, their therapeutic use, the botanical characteristics (flower signature) and the elaboration methods. You will perceive more and more the magic of nature and how it operates in our system.

Aimed at: General Public, therapists, people with therapeutic vocation, people interested in their personal evolution. No prior knowledge is necessary. Teaching material: 2 printed books and several digital ones. Study cards, manual, portfolio and basic materials. All included in the tuition payment.

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For information and reservations you can contact: 7272-7810

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