Dragon Ball VS Naruto

Event Description:

Hard Rock Café (San José), invites you to an off-beat evening this Sunday, May 19 from 5:00 pm in a sound battle between “Dragon Ball and Naruto”. Shonen Sound will be in concert performing the most representative “openings and endings” of these famous animated series, which have great fans around the world.

Shonen Sound is a rock band composed of 8 musicians who interpret the most iconic themes of the different animes in both Spanish and Japanese. Among the most important concerts have been presented at events such as Kuri, Matsuri, GameParty, Connecturday and recently at the premiere of the latest Dragon Ball Super Broly and own concerts at Hard Rock Café.

For more information and reservations, you must contact the number: 2239-28-28 or visit the links attached.

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Video: Shonen Sound - Chala Head Chala (Cover Latino)
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