Event Description:

Antik Restaurant, invites you on Saturday, May 18, to live a magical experience full of rhythm, with a magnificent presentation from the stage, causing a sensation with the display Petros Manganaris “Echonomist”, composer, DJ and live perfomer from Greece, devotee of the sound and incessant search of the Groove, a specialist in music that makes everyone lose control, which takes over the senses and movements of each of those present.

Mixing show, the lighting and the newer themes will be fundamental tools for the moment to be unforgettable and incomparable complement. Adding to this party will also be in the warm-up and close Chilean Fernando Melo, Costa Rican DJ and blogger Rob B2B and the New Yorker Andy Dlao (Irrelevante) with his mixtures of quirky house, techno, acid and minimal.

Girls, you must arrive early as you enter before midnight. For more information and reservations, you must contact number 7204-9909 or visit attached links.

Video: Echonomist - Doudouka [microCastle]
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