Edipo Rey

Event Description:

The National Theater is pleased to present in co-production with the University of Costa Rica “Oedipus Rey”, staging directed by Luis Carlos Vasquez and adaptation of Bernal Herrera with a talented group of artists who will stage, the renowned Greek tragedy of Sophocles.


The people of Thebes are cruelly plagued by a plague, desperate inhabitants ask for help from their Oedipus King. King Oedipus, very scared, worried and nervous consults the oracle, he learns that the epidemic is a punishment from the gods and as long as King Layo’s killer is not found, the plague will not cease.

King Oedipus begins investigations to find the author of the Crime. The king learns that his true father is King Layo whom he killed and his mother is Yocasta, with whom he is married and had children.

The performances will be the month of October, Saturday 19 (8:00 pm) and Sunday 20 (5:00 pm) in the Main Hall of the National Theater.

Tickets on sale at the theater box office. Click on the ticket button and you will be able to see the ticket details!

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