Elabora tu Propia Cerveza

Event Description:

If you are a beer lover and you are demanding in taste, this opportunity is for you. In this Theoretical-Practical Course of Brewing, you will learn, quickly and easily, how to produce it to your liking, with the smell, flavor and texture that you most desire, it’s your opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills with the support of the best specialist instructors in the area.

At the end of the course, you’ll can brew beer, both with equipment and homemade utensils. Will learn to design your own recipes, calculate intensity of flavor, aroma and bitterness using a table from your cell phone. 100% guaranteed that you’ll leave with the ability to make beers in your own home.

Invitation is for Saturday, May 25 at 2:30 pm. It’ll be only 4 hours to become a homebrewer. It doesn’t require any prior knowledge! La Mackavela Academia Cervecera invites you, go to Papa Licores Beer House in Curribadat. We’ll be waiting for you!

Registration includes the necessary materials. For more information and reservations, you must contact number 7035-4989 or visit links attached.

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