Event Description:

“Electrofagot” is a project from Vice Presidency of Teaching of the University of Costa Rica (UCR), which intends to use new sound creations, as a pilot project for its future application in regular bassoon classes of School of Musical Arts (EAM) ).

As a whole, groups of students of composition and bassoon, under the supervision and guidance of teachers of both chairs, will produce several works that use these resources.

Under a concept of bassoon with electronics, this group of bassoonists have ventured to explore and experience the possibilities of the bassoon, which, when combined with pedalboards multi-effects, loopers and other electronic elements, will bring the audience to a universe of new sounds and combinations, never thought of in the bassoon.

On this occasion, interpreters María José Piedra, José Osvaldo Redondo, Laura Valerio and Fernando Zúñiga will perform.

Appointment is for Friday, June 14, at 7:00 pm in María Cullell Room of UCR. More information in attached links.

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