Exposición Invadir / Resistir

Event Description:

“Invade / Resist”: Exhibition of Claudia Valente (ARG) and Jonathan Torres Rodriguez (CR) in the framework of the South Biennial. It can be seen from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at El Farolito – Cultural Center of Spain, until November 29. Entrance is free.

“Invade / Resist” is a collaborative research / creation project between the University of Costa Rica and the Tres de Febrero University in which two groups of artists / researchers come together to interrogate the behaviors of natural species in their fluctuation between the gesture destabilizing and disruptive of the invasion, on the one hand, and resistance to the advancement of the indiscriminate action of the human being, on the other.

Both manifestations are the faces of the same coin: in order to resist, it is sometimes necessary to invade.

The natural world is thus a space that motivates reflection on human behaviors, by bringing into play biomimetic, robotic and algorithmic technologies framed by an encyclopedia that decolonizes the sense of encyclopedic gaze itself. among the pests pergenated from the waste, the natural displays poetically powerful resistances.

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