Festival Kamen 2019

Event Description:

The International Cosplay Festival “Kamen” has prepared an unforgettable celebration as they celebrate 15 years of cosplay in Costa Rica. There will be endless cultural activities and entertainment for the whole family, on Sunday, July 14, at the National Stadium.

Among the special guests of the event will be the most recognized voice actors in Latin America: Humberto Vélez, voice of Homero Simpson and Gabriel Chávez, voice of Charles Montgomery Burns in The Simpsons, will be at the event greeting the fans, signing autographs, recording voice messages and present their show.

Cesar Franco and Gabriela Vega, the most important Anisong singers of Latin America, perform at the grand concert celebrating the 15th Anniversary. Enjoy besides the show of Patricia Azan, actress of voice dubbing of Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski of South Park and many other characters.

Attendees will also be able to enjoy a special food field, 40 square meters with 16 Chinese, Korean, Japanese food, fast food, snacks, ice cream, sweets, drinks, fruit and much more. In addition to an area where the most important stores in the country will be selling with offers and special prices that only give once a year at the festival.

Cosplayers, disabled people, children under 12, pregnant women and pensioners have free entry to the event. More information in the links attached.

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