Formación en Costelaciones Familiares

Event Description:

On Saturday, July 13, at 1:30 pm in Dharma Health and Wellness, we invite you to start “Training in Family Costelations” plan in which you will learn about application of systemic principles as a complement to other therapies .

Through the learning of family constellations, student will be allowed an unprecedented healing process. Taught by Manuel Gavilán Pérez and Paola Bocanegra, it will have a duration of 111 hours distributed between the Saturdays of the month of July 2019 until the month of June of 2020, and structured in 8 training cycles. Capacity is limited!

* To disseminate and promote the work of systemic configurations in daily life for personal, family, work and collective benefit.
* Accompany the future constellator so that the Orders of Love continue transforming it into its fullest version.
* Develop phenomenological understanding.
* Self-discover talents and exercise them.
* Have fun and grow in a loving space.

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