Formación en Péndulo Hebreo

Event Description:

“Hebrew Pendulum Formation”. A workshop where you will learn to balance emotions, through this useful instrument. This method has been created by Winnibeth Soto, a professor specialized in Classical and Therapeutic Dowsing, creator of the Hebrew Pendulum Diploma.

This course will be held on November 9 and 10 at the La Mandrogona Holistic Center. They will teach you different methods so that you can help and help others in cleaning the negative energies that adhere to being in contact with other people, cut the negative energies directed by third parties that impede our progress in various aspects of life (jealousy, envy, anger, resentment, hatred, magic.) re-balances and unlocks the electromagnetic field to restore physical and psychic health.

The therapy of the Hebrew pendulum allows to detect the imbalances or low vibration energy clusters before they manifest in the physical body and in turn allows to clean the deep aura at the cellular level, harmonizing the alterations at the physical, emotional and mental level that the person owns.

Methods they will learn are:

– Herayon Method Repairing months of pregnancy
– Mètodo Zakut that connects with the states of childhood
– Mitbaguer method to repair damage in adolescence
– Zman method to repair the timeline
– Tikun method repairing unexplained situations in my life
– Bait Dachya method of cleaning the house, apartment, spaces
– Mètodo Merets: Cleaning of our Energy Centers: Chakras
– Aliyah Method: Energy cleaning of harmful energies
– Lehavri Method: Healing of diseases with a Hebrew pendulum
– Merjac Lehavri Method: Distance healing
– Jaim Dachya method to clean and heal past lives
– Et Ratzon Method: to clean, heal and remove implants and / or karmic vows.
– Etz HaChaim method: Cleaning the tree of life
– Hachraa method: cleaning karmic ties
– Adama method: to clean terrestrial energies (geopathology)
– Hochma method: making decisions
– Atzmut method: cleaning of the 4 elements (brief)
– Tehilim Dachya method: cleaning with the psalms (brief)
– Baal Chaim method: cleaning the animals
– Maase Bereshit method: After pregnancy.
– Aspaklaria Method: To clean repetitive situations and mirrors.

With this course, the Applicant will already be able to perform face-to-face, distance and self-therapy therapies. Achieving patient welfare. Includes: 1 Hebrew pendulum, work manual, 315 labels, coffee break and certification.

For more information you can call 8548-6534. The investment will be $ 220.

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