Formación en Sonido/ Tambor, gong y más

Event Description:

“Sound / Drum training, gong and more” is a preparation with a duration of 6 months taught at Dharma Health, starting on Saturday, March 28, at 9:00 am.

The workshop is aimed at all audiences and the facilitators will be David Ramírez Biancchi and Laura Mendieta Fernández, both of whom are therapists.

You will travel a path of sound and vibration. You will feel each lesson as the sound enters your body and gradually changes your programming. You will graduate with the necessary knowledge to be able to perform a sound treatment to other people and yourself.

In the content you will have introduction of the sound, history and evolution of sound therapy, methods and techniques for a session of sonotherapy, acoustic couch, gong: history and basic use, drums: history and basic uses, rattles: history and basic uses, Tibetan bowls: history and basic uses

For more information you can contact +506 7272 7810 or visit the attached links.

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