Formaciones con Miranda Gray en Costa Rica

Event Description:

‘I am the darkness that holds you with love
I am the wisdom, the strength and the wholeness that lies deep within you
I am the one who is always there for you.’

The Crone energies arise in our menstrual phase and in our post-menopausal years. They are the pinnacle of female spiritual awareness and of female completeness, love and peace. It is the Crone who is the centre of our menstrual cycles and who is the goal of every woman’s development. The Crone is the mother of the stars, the mother of souls, and the holder of wisdom and of universal love. Every month we touch her within us, and in every life she calls us to walk her path when our cycles stop and our spiritual role begins.

In this unique workshop you will be introduced to the Crone as she appears in your menstrual cycle, in the seasons and in the later years of your life cycle. Discover Her and find out why she is so important for you if you wish to live a peaceful life in the modern world. Meet her in a beautiful story created and read by Miranda and learn how to embrace her what ever the physical stage of life we are in. Understand the path from Cyclic Woman to Crone

You will receive a personal Crone Blessing and initiation to connect to the acceptance, completeness, love and gentleness of the Crone Mother. Access your Crone Soul to create your own individual ‘Voice of the Crone’ oracle cards to remind you of her wisdom in everyday life and the beautiful spiritual awareness she offers us.

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