Gimnasia Suave

Event Description:

Casa Gardenia, Holistic Wellness Center, cordially invites you to the following event: “Gentle Gymnastics Introductory Workshop”, to be held on Thursday, July 11, starting at 6:00 pm, at its facilities. Taught by Natalia Obando Pérez, gymnastics instructor for 10 years and
who has developed the concept of gentle gymnastics.

It consists in the practice of different exercises of muscular strengthening, stretching, breathing exercises, qi gong, relaxation and diverse dynamics. All under the basics of smoothness, fluidity, harmony and minimal effort, to experience the movement from an adequate use of vital energy.

Participants may perceive physical benefits (strengthening of the respiratory, skeletal muscle and lymphatic systems), mental (attention, memory, presence in the here and now, perseverance) and emotional benefits (self-care, self-esteem, socialization), summarized in feeling of well-being and greater vitality.

To register, write to: [email protected] More information in the links attached. Click on the tickets button and you can see the details of the investment!

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