Good Bumpin’ Basement Disco Jam

Event Description:

On Friday, February 21 at 9:00 pm at The Sub – Small Underground Bar. Come and enjoy with your friends “Good Bumpin ‘Basement Disco Jam: The Ivory Boy (Germany)”. Night club hot nightclub, there will be a second international guest DJ playing in the house, the powerful Italian DJ teacher and music producer “The Ivory Boy” that comes from Berlin, Germany, for the first time.

Luca is best known for his musical releases in cult disc editions and house labels such as It’s A Small World Disco, Box Aus Holz, Money Sex Records, Pineapple Edits and more. It will be a super special night in San José, playing songs all night supported by Sebu and Bilvetti in the warm-up tasks.

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Video: The Mixtapers - Glorious Days (The Ivory Boy Remix)
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